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Not bad. The fighting mechanics works pretty well once you get used to it. I never did manage to figure out the tip about walking in circles improving aiming, but I didn't have much trouble with aiming regardless.

I guess maybe I beat the game? I reached a staircase - although I couldn't do anything with it. Replayed just in case there was a bug, same thing, nothing happens at the staircase. I also managed to get stuck inside a door once, but I couldn't reproduce, so can't tell you much more than that. And there's a couple minor clipping problems with slimes getting stuck in walls, but I'm not sure I have a good reproduce there either.

Also, with that fighting mechanic you didn't call it Tongue Fu?

We thought about it, and it's a really good rhyme, too! Unfortunately, there were some people who thought it sounded like an innuendo, lol. Thanks for playing!

I can't go down the stairs at the end of the level. Feels bad. I was really enjoying this one

Unfortunately, that's where the game ends at the moment. This game is the product of a 4-week program and we ran out of time to actually implement the ending sequence. Basically, you made it to the end! Good job, I'm glad you enjoyed it!